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Press release following May meeting

The Forum met on Friday 15th May.  At the moment the detailed findings are still being prepared but in the meantime the following has been issued to reflect the flavour of the discussions:

Partners in Management – The Forum

Optimism at last?

We need leaders who have “the courage to be unpopular”

Press Release –May 2009

The Forum, a growing group of enlightened managers and owner managers that meets four times a year to discuss and anticipate the future, met last Friday the 15th of May and for the first time had a degree of optimism about the current economic situation.Representing a wide variety of commercial sectors and with geographic representation now from the
Midlands to the North East, its views and comments are becoming widely appreciated and acted upon by many organisations – particularly those participating. It now has 12 members with representatives from the automotive component, textile, water and gas utilities, banking, insurance, voluntary and business services sectors – but there is still room for more!It has previously accurately predicted the recession and housing crash, the continuing banking crisis, the collapse in sterling, the rise of ‘localisation’ and the increased sales of white cars – to name but a few.

David Broadhead of Partners in Management, based at the Media Centre in Huddersfield said:

“Nearly all of our members felt positively about the future and their own and their organisation’s prospects.  In fact, our automotive component manufacturing representatives couldn’t attend due to increased demand and the fact that they were having to recruit again!  However, for the economy as a whole we still did not consider the recession to have bottomed out and our earlier views on further cuts, closures and job losses were still valid.”

So why is there a discrepancy between these two positions?

“What became apparent in our discussions though was that all those expressing optimism were doing so because they were actively doing something different.  We had all either introduced new products or services, found new markets and customers or significantly re-structured the way we operated, in truth we were all being entrepreneurial within our organisations.”

One of the key advantages of membership and how the earlier discussions within the Forum have been beneficial has been highlighted by
Charles Offord of the financial services sector;

“Attendees are finding it an invaluable source of business advice and insight without an expensive invoice from a consultant.  We can already see members changing their business strategy in response to our discussions and deliberations”.

A perfect example of this has just been demonstrated dramatically by Partners in Management themselves.  David Broadhead explains,

“Personally I felt that the current economic crisis represents a failure of management emanating from the consultancy led, analytical target driven mentalities that have developed over the last 20 years.  What we need in this next decade of austerity is a new breed of manager that can innovate and deliver sustainable organic growth in an ethical way – in truth to be able to deliver more with less!  The discussions with the group just confirmed and reinforced this belief.”

“After our February meeting we then sat down and designed a new management development programme called ‘The Intrapreneurial Manager’ to reflect this new belief and offer a refreshing alternative to conventional MBA type programmes. It will be accredited at the same Level 7 Masters and lead to the Chartered Management Institute’s Strategic Management & Leadership qualification.  When we offered places on the first cohort they sold out within 48 hours and we are now booking places on the next one!  Hopefully, it looks like we could well now be a success story of the recession, an example for others to follow and also provide something which many individuals and organisations can truly benefit from”.

The Forum had its own views too on the current political crisis;

“Back in Oct 2007 we didn’t believe that Gordon Brown would survive 12 months as Prime Minister – it’s the only item we anticipated at that time that hasn’t come to fruition.  We now feel that he is only one more mistake away from having to stand down.  To have both a monumental economic crisis followed by a historical political crisis on your watch is due to either incredible bad luck or serious mismanagement – time will tell which”.

David Broadhead goes on to summarise the views of the group,

“We all felt that the current situation both economically and politically is due to a vacuum of moral leadership.  Many of our MP’s and Bankers in particular have become detached from the people and customers they serve and as such are often only acting in their own dishonest self-interest.  Our political leaders in particular have lost vision and conviction.  They work for the short term and tell us what they think we want to hear.”

“However, what we believe people now want is the truth.  If we can’t trust MP’s with their expenses, how can we trust the government with its accounts and the real state of the economy.  The debt we are building up is immense.  Do we manage this by a 10% tax rise generally or by cutting public expenditure by 20%? We need leaders to tell us the truth and set out their position – we need mainstream leaders who have the courage to be unpopular but from honest policy.  Without it we will see the rise in extremist parties from this and also apathy in the masses due to bland, indistinguishable offerings.”

“We see this need for honesty and transparency spreading throughout society, both within the public and private sectors.  How much more public and private money is being squandered through greed and mismanagement in Europe, in Central and Local Government, the NHS and the Consultants/Advisors that are actively involved.”  

People will want to know and be reassured that we are not in a new period of Tax and Waste. The Forum’s next meeting is on Friday Sep 4th at Cliffe House, Shepley – a lot is sure to happen between now and then….More details are available from David Broadhead  – david@partnersinmanagement.co.uk and new members are still welcome.

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