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Press Release following September 2009 Meeting

Partners in Management – The Forum

Press Release –Sep 2009

The Economy at it’s “Italian Job” moment?

 Charlie Croker’s immortal words “Hang on lads – I’ve got a great idea!” said whilst hanging precariously over a cliff edge high in the Alps in the original “Italian Job” film probably sum up the state of the British economy at the moment according to The Forum’s latest analysis.

The Forum, a growing group of enlightened managers and owner managers that meets four times a year to discuss and anticipate the future, last  met on Friday the 4th of September 2009 to debate current and future economic and social trends.Representing a wide variety of commercial sectors and with geographic representation now from the Midlands to the North East, its views and comments are becoming widely appreciated and acted upon by many organisations – particularly those participating. It now has 15 members with representatives from the automotive component, textile, water and gas utilities, banking, insurance, voluntary and business services sectors – but there is still room for more!

Amongst others it has previously predicted the recession and housing crash, the collapse in sterling, the rise of ‘localisation’ and the need for public sector reforms and likely industrial relations battles that will follow.

David Broadhead of Partners in Management, based at the Media Centre in Huddersfield said:

“Whilst our members felt optimistic about short term prospects this year we felt that we were very much on a knife edge regarding longer term prospects, January onwards.  Generally we seem to have reached the bottom of the initial stage of the recession but prospects for growth were limited and holding onto where we are now and not going over the edge is the real challenge.

No one, either personally or in their organisations intended to increase their basic fixed expenditure over the next 12 months and only 10% planned investments and that from existing cash reserves.  If anything cutbacks and savings were more likely.Unlike the worldwide car scrappage schemes which had stimulated demand, the VAT cut had made no difference to anyone’s expenditure or sales.

However we did consider that when it is raised back to 17.5% , scrappage schemes end and stamp duty returns there will be a negative effect on growth and more importantly people’s confidence and perception.If that wasn’t worrying enough then add the inevitable tax rises of anything up to 10% unless other cuts take place, increasing inflation, rising interest rates and the continued rise of unemployment generally before we add half a million job losses from the public sector to the equation and the future becomes quite worrying”.

We never got to know what Charlie Croker’s idea was – let’s hope our politicians can get it right otherwise the consequences are potentially catastrophic!

The Forum’s next meeting is on Friday Nov 27th at Cliffe House, Shepley,
Huddersfield when we will debate and summarise our suggestions as to what our leaders should do next.

New members are still welcome.

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