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Forum Review up to the May 2010 Election

In chronological order I’ve tried to summarise our anticipations relative to relevant current events and issues.

Oct 2007

Decentralisation an emerging issue

Recession likely plus house price reductions up to 25%

Backlash against immigration

Clean coal and nuclear power needed

Localisation wanted not more centralisation

Need to revoke licensing laws due to behaviour and health issues

Austerity shopping to come – red, white and blue car sales up!

Things we got wrong

  • Gordon Brown wouldn’t last 12 months as PM
  • Challenges to human rights act

Nov 2008

Premiership football club collapses due to debt and mismanagement

Reduction in red tape demanded

Tax revenues collapsing

VAT reduction not effective

Euro parity

Eurozone collapse and split into North v South

Inflation 3%

Private sector backlash against public sector conditions

Union support restricts public sector reforms under Labour

Major reforms needed but unlikely – industrial unrest to increase

More social responsibility needed and demanded

Green energy issues the future for the recovery for UK industry

Innovative skills not there after ‘target’ mentality

Things we got wrong

  • 4M unemployed – but we couldn’t trust the numbers!

Feb 2009

Further round of business closures from well known businesses

Mergers and consolidation to follow to regain profitability

Innovation in public sector needed

Insurance fraud will become more prominent

Rise of e-sputing

Rise of post-consumerist society and search for meaning

Small businesses offering excellent service will prosper

Need for business credit unions to support lending

Environmental support with protectionism for UK industry

May 2009

Need for honesty and transparency throughout society

Leaders with the courage to be unpopular now required

10% tax rise or 20% public sector cuts

New era of Tax and Waste

Sep 2009

Knife edge economy – could easily re-enter recession

500,000 job losses from public sector expected

Economic factors not good for a long period ahead

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