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2012 & 2013 Review

Forum members have had a quiet couple of years as we waited for the rest of the world to catch up with our earlier findings – or so we’d like to think!

We only held one informal discussion each year with the first being back in July 2012 prior to the London Olympics.Our discussions then were focused on whether there would be a post event economic legacy, particularly here in the North. For once we had completely split views with several members convinced there would be economic benefits as opposed to those , myself included, who thought that there would be no long term benefit to the North with all the longer term benefits being concentrated on London and the South East. Only time will tell and this will be a subject for a follow up debate at a future meeting.

The gathering in 2013 again resulted in strongly split opinions, but this time as to the benefit HS2 might/will bring to the region. In the past we have had firm views against this investment favouring instead a more conventional connection with HS1 and then directly to the continent. This view still holds but some newer members were being seduced by the pro campaign! Again a subject for future discussion and one that promises to run and run I suspect.

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