About us

The Forum is a small, independent, politically neutral think-tank, facilitated by David Broadhead and formed mainly from participants on previous Partners in Management programmes, plus other like-minded individuals.

Through discussion and debate we try to understand the present and attempt to anticipate the future!  Often we have been criticised for being pessimistic. Check out our findings and I think you’ll find we were generally right.  Pessimistic – maybe, realistic – definitely!

Although based in West Yorkshire, we have members in the Midlands and North East as well so don’t just present a very localised and insular viewpoint.

Attendees are finding it an invaluable source of business advice and insight without an expensive invoice from a consultant, and we have already seen members changing their business strategy in response to our discussions and deliberations.

Get in touch if you’d like to join us – meeting dates are posted on the home page.

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