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Plan C – Slicing the new Gordian knot? Leave Europe behind and build HS3 instead….

December 6, 2011 Leave a comment

When Alexander the Great attempted to untie the unfathomable Gordian knot way back in 333BC, he found a simple yet radical solution by slicing it in half with his sword. Maybe the time is now right for simple radical solutions to our never ending and unfathomable economic crisis? The so called Plan C maybe?

What these radical solutions might be was the subject of the last Forum meeting, held prior to the Chancellor’s recent 2011 Autumn Statement.

Without it sounding like ‘we told you so’, it proved very difficult to actually suggest much that hadn’t been suggested by the Forum over the last three years.

Back in February 2009 we were clearly concerned that we were heading for a decade of austerity and that bold visionary political leadership would be needed to save us from the so called ‘zombie’ economy. Inflation, the Euro crisis, the necessary public sector cuts and rising unemployment would be key drains on economic growth but that there were other opportunities for growth from investing in the infrastructure, manufacturing, localisation and ‘green’ technologies – provided that essential investment financing and employment reforms were undertaken.

So why ‘Plan C’ and not a development of ‘Plan A or B’? Read more…


Commentary w/c 26th January

January 18, 2009 1 comment

Given it was the end of November when the Forum last met for it’s first deliberations, I thought it might be worthwhile trawling through the press and seeing where we stood regarding the accuracy of our predictions!

Obviously the economy still dominates.  Our concerns over rising bank losses seem substantiated with the likelihood of even yet more bailouts and failures to come. Opinion seems divided about the true scale of the problem but a figure 0f £25 billion of further support does not appear unlikely: or

In our detailed findings back in November we commented on the likelihood of IMF bail-outs for Britain.  David Cameron was suggesting this too last week forcing a swift reposte from Gordon Brown

 President Obama seems to agree with us with the concept of “green energy” leading us out of recession. Pity that in the UK we’ll miss out!

The debate about joining the euro continues but which one the German one or the Italian/Greek/Spanish one? The European Parliament is already facing questions about some countries quitting the euro

Job losses unfortunately continue as we predicted, with the public sector starting now too to feel the pain too by default as councils shed jobs although the private sector is really feeling the pain with pay cuts the new trend

Our views  on “clean energy” and the necessity for home-grown technology, innovation and subsequent manufacturing resurgence to be key drivers for the move out of recession seem to be supported here:

Also our views on the decline of ageism within organisations and instead the benfits that experience and maturity can bring can be can clearly be seen this week.  Flight 1549 in New York speaks for itself .

You might also think our views on the collapse of Premiership football might seem far-fetched given the situation at Manchester City but is this the final blow into the ballon before it bursts?  Since then the situation at Manchester Utd would seem more likely with their shirt sponsorship–buBVM3ma4Rlry5vhdwe-w

What ontrigues me is how back in Oct 2007 several of the original  Forum members accurately predicted the recession which is now official If we could do it then why have so many professionals been so wrong in the interim?

Finally in support of bald-headed, maturing Yorkshirmen everywhere I will point you to !!!

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